NECC 2000


Connections Along the Crossroads

by JoAnn Gadicke - Wisconsin

and Shannon McCoy - Oklahoma

NECC 2000



The following links are activities, spreadsheets, graphs, worksheets, etc. that we discussed during our presentation. Feel free to copy and adapt these ideas! If you have any questions or problems- email us.




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If unable to open the files below ( if you are using Netscape) - please email me and I will send these as attachments to you so you will be able to manipulate the files.


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If you can click the links below and open the spreadsheets up inside of IE, go to file/page setup, and choose 'fit to one page'. THEN do a file/print. Otherwise, it may print over 20 pages.



Beanie Baby Math Page

Butterfly Calendar

Flat Stanley/Flat Stephanie email form letter


What's Your House Like?

individual questions
small group graph/spreadsheet
whole class graph/spreadsheet


Weather Collection Spreadsheet


Weather -

Beanie Baby -

Cold Weather Animals - Alaska Department of Fish and Game

Postcards - Jan Brett , Postcards From (fantastic site) , 1001Postcards

Butterflies -

Dinosaurs and Human Body -



Appleworks- Wordprocessing, drawing, spreadsheets, create jpegs.

Tom Snyder

Community Construction Kit

Roger Wagner Publishing