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What is the Aurora Project?
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If you would like to see lessons that we will use in our classroom this year, please follow these steps:

Enter the Aurora Home Page
Click on GeogWeb for End Users
Click on Search Activities.
You will need to enter the following titles or search on second grade:

The McLean House- Does our community have any historical sites?

                             The students will be filled with community pride 
                             after researching local historical landmarks and 
                             learning about founding citizens! The class will 
                             visit the McLean Home (or any historical site in 
                             the community) and research interesting facts 
                             about Dr. Burtis Wilmot McLean and take digital 
                             pictures of artifacts. The culminating activity will 
                             be to create a virtual field trip of the Victorian home
                             to publish on the web and link to the Jenks' Home Page. 
What are our city's landmarks? 
                             The students will locate and research 5-10
                             historical landmarks in their town. The
                             students will learn the history of notable sites
                             in their community during a class field trip in
                             which groups will conduct oral interviews,
                             take digital pictures, and write paragraphs.
                             This information will be linked to a local map
                             on the town's home page. This exciting activity
                             involves a real world situation into the
                             student's learning which could be replicated in
                             any community!

How Can We Enhance Community Wildlife?

                             The students will determine what wildlife lives
                             on our playground and compare/contrast the
                             results with another local site that has a high
                             population of wildlife. The students will learn
                             how to observe, classify, and gather
                             information on a developmentally appropriate
                             level. The final product will be to create a
                             butterfly habitat outside our classroom to
                             encourage wildlife to come back to this area. 

What native plants grow in our community? 

                             Students will survey a local site to determine
                             what plants are growing. They will collect
                             seeds to bring back to the classroom to "grow"
                             a miniature habitat and eventually identify what
                             plants they are growing. Some of their plants
                             will be transplanted outside the classroom
                             while the remaining plants will go home with
                             the students. This activity will involve several
                             mini-lessons and many hands on experiences. 

What do our water habitats teach us?

                             Students will investigate a pond or stream
                             using sampling techniques. They will observe
                             wildlife and pH levels in the water collected to
                             determine if it is a healthy habitat. The
                             students' love and curiosity for the outdoors
                             will be the motivating force behind this lesson.

What is that smell?

                             You usually greet your students in the morning
                             with a smile and a cheerful "Good morning!"
                             Today will be different. You will prepare an
                             experiment before the students enter the room
                             and instead of coming in with that sweet smile,
                             they will be holding their noses and saying,
                             "Ew! What's that smell?" They will want to
                             know what has "polluted" their environment!
                             They will learn the effects of acid rain.           
Can litter disappear? 
                             Does your school have a litter problem? Many
                             people drop a piece of trash without even
                             considering the consequences. Does is just
                             disappear? Is it really biodegradable? Students
                             will test the biodegradability of litter they find
                             on their playground and record their results.
                             The students will decide how they can make a
                             positive impact on their community in regards
                             to litter.

What's the Weather Like Today?

                             Students have a natural curiosity about
                             weather. In this activity, they will use data
                             collecting skills to record the high and low air
                             temperature for 10 days. A student-made rain
                             gauge also will be used to record the daily
                             precipitation. Students will record the soil
                             temperature every hour for 1 day to see if the
                             soil temperature changes. The class will
                             compare and contrast these data and decide
                             how weather affects people in our community.
                             The results will be posted on the web so that
                             other classrooms may contribute their data.
                             You may want the students to generate other
                             data they want to collect, such as light
                             intensity, humidity, etc.