October, 2001 News

Dear Families of Second Graders,

We have just recently finished or are about to finish our endangered animals of the rain forest and soil units! October will be here on Monday and we are busy getting ready for our next units: human body, spiders, pumpkins, bats, and Columbus.

On October 8th, please try to bring an empty and clean pop bottle. You will need to cut off the BOTTOM 1/4th of the bottle. Bring both pieces to school for a special Columbus project.

I am looking forward to conferencing with you all. Your child will also be conferencing with you. We plan to have your child talk to you for 10 minutes and then leave the room for 15 minutes while we talk privately.

I wanted to thank each and every one of you for sending in all of the extra supplies for the class! You are greatly appreciated! We have begun our writer's workshop (where the children will be writing and publishing stories) and we will need supplies for making our books. If you have any extra of these supplies please send them in: contact paper and the largest sides of a cereal box CUT out. (Thanks to all who volunteered to make the book covers!)

Important Events:

October 1-5- Mrs. Craig begins our Human Body unit!

October 8- Please bring cut pop bottle

October 9- Bond Issue, please vote!!

October 22- please bring a small, fist sized pumpkin for a math activity!

Conferences start the week of October 8th!

Thanks for all you do!

Shannon McCoy