November, 2001 News

Dear Parents,

Our class has recently finished studying about arachnids! Have you asked your child what a cephalothorax is? We have had lots of spider models, and projects, in the classroom! The students typed haikus, and researched various spiders. They are now working on a multimedia spider report!

We are preparing for our upcoming unit about Pilgrims. We will be studying about the Mayflower voyage, needs and wants, and the pilgrim’s community. We will be reading about what life was like on the Mayflower and what the children’s lives were like. Many exciting activities are planned! One important event will be our pilgrim simulation day on Friday, November 16. Our pilgrim family (class) will travel to all of the second grade classrooms and be involved in various activities such as whittling, weaving, pilgrim games, a pilgrim play, and other arts and crafts. We will all dress as the pilgrims did (black, brown, white) clothes, skirts, bonnets, aprons, boots, vests, hats, etc. I would like to invite 2-3 parents to volunteer in our classroom that day. In our room, we will be making pomander balls out of lemons, oranges, and cloves. The Simulation day will last from around 8:45-11:30 and then 12:30-1:00. If you would like to help for just part of that time, that will work fine- we could set up shifts. Please let me know as soon as possible if you are interested in volunteering! :-)

Important Dates:

November 17- Pilgrim Simulation Day- each child needs to bring 1 small bar of Ivory soap a.s.a.p.- other brands will not work.
We need 1 parent to bring 12 oranges.
We need 1 parent to bring 12 lemons.

November ??- Human Body Play- We are practicing our play, but need a few more rehearsals, be on the look out for a note that tells the time and day. The play will be on the stage in the cafeteria-please come!

November 20- Thanksgiving Feast- We will have a lunch from Kentucky Fried Chicken, drinks will be provided. As soon as we have a definite price, I will let you know- last year it was approximately $1.50. If your child will not eat this, please have them bring a sack lunch and let me know soon that you will not be ordering. Also, several parents have volunteered to bring pies and drinks- how fun! The Feast is for our class, but if you would like to eat with us, just bring a sack lunch.

Thanks for all of your support!
Shannon McCoy