January, 2002 News

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. It is terrific to be back with our fabulous class! January is filled with many activities I wanted to let you know about. Currently, we are studying changes (weather, matter- solids, liquids, etc.), arctic regions- penguins, Antarctica, etc. We have also started working on a few plays about penguins. The performance is scheduled for Thursday afternoon, January 31 at 1:30 on the stage in the cafeteria. If anyone could donate a large cardboard box and a medium sized box that we could use as props in our play, please let me know!

We will celebrate the 100th day of school on Tuesday, January 29th. Please have your child bring around/or 100 items of anything to school that morning. We will be doing many estimating activities and each child should bring less than, more than, or = to 100 items. Keep the amount a secret!

Question of the Week will be sent home on Fridays and due the next Friday for everyone in our class. The next four weeks we will be having our very own Winter Olympics as our Question of the Week. Each student will be given their own folder that explains the Olympics and the activities for the week. Please sign as the trainer and I will add up the points and post them in class. Each folder must be turned in the following Friday- no late work (unless of course your child is ill). We are so excited about this event! Your child will bring their Olympic folder home Friday!

Special Event- Big news in second grade! The class has earned a special treat of their choice for making good choices! The votes are in, and the majority wants a stuffed animal party. This Friday- January 11, everyone may bring their favorite stuffed animal and a sleeping bag. We will do our work and activities in our sleeping bags all day! What fun!

Volunteer needed- Would someone like to bring 1 or 2 bags of ice for our class ice cream experiment Friday morning? We have a freezer upstairs in the teachers’ lounge.

Just a reminder that you may want to check out our class website!
www.shannonmccoy.com The class project page has been updated. You can always find monthly and weekly (Friday News) newsletters posted there. I’m sending this letter to about half of the class via email. If that is not working for your family, please let me know so I can give your child a hard copy!

Have a great day!! Thanks for all of your support.
Shannon McCoy

P.S. We have run completely out of the large flat sides of cereal boxes. If you have any extra, please send them in.