February, 2002 News

January has come and gone quickly!! We had a wonderful time studying weather, penguins, and scientific changes involving the different states of matter. February will be an exciting month also. We will be starting an author study, a study of heroes, and researching the presidents. We will be having our very first research project and oral report!! (This will be our question of the week for the 2 weeks following the end of our Olympic games). Each child will be assigned a president to research at school and at home. On Friday, February 22 we will present the oral reports. A note card with information can be used. (Encourage your second grader not to “read” the note card.) Your child should have some kind of a visual such as pictures, poster, mural, food, shoe box "parade float", or whatever your child wants to create! Their report should include the answers to the research questions. (They will be very familiar with these questions- they will use them each morning to study a different president.) Please allow your child the fun of making their own project- please keep parental help to a minimum as much as possible. Each child should practice their report at home. Everyone will choose their president soon!
will be our Valentine's Day party. If your child would like to pass out Valentine's, she/he may bring them that day. Enclosed is a class list for your info. Please make a Valentine box or some kind of holder at home and send to school that day. MARSHMALLOW DAY IS THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 21! PLEASE SEND IN LOTS OF MARSHMALLOWS (WE WILL NEED ALL SIZES) AND TOOTHPICKS! IT WILL BE A DELICIOUS DAY! Near the end of February, we will begin learning about the solar system. We will construct models of the solar system- our homeroom moms will purchase the materials needed ( Styrofoam balls, wire, paint, etc.) It would be terrific if we could reimburse them for $6.00 each by February 23rd. Mark your calendars for the big event.....MARTIAN MANIA DAY- FRIDAY, MARCH 1!!! That’s when we dress in our silliest clothes, hairstyles, drink Martian juice and eat moon cookies! It will also be the day the second graders perform their musical “Interplanetary Jammin”. It will probably begin around 2:15 in the cafeteria- but I will update you later. Your children are truly wonderful! Thanks for all your support.
Shannon McCoy

RESEARCH QUESTIONS (to help find information for president oral report)
1.Where was your president born and what is his birth date?
2. How old was your president when he was elected to office?
3. Was he married? Did he have children?
4. How many years did he serve in office? How many terms?
5. What was something important he did while in office?
6. Was your president a Democrat or a Republican? Or neither?
7. Did your president have a nickname? What was it?
8. Tell something that happened in the nation or world during your President’s term.