December, 2001

Question of the Month

Due Monday, Dec. 17

December begins our wonderful geography-social studies unit, Celebrations: Passport to the World. We will be studying famous celebrations and favorite customs of one or more countries from each continent. The question this time will coordinate with our social studies unit.

The December question will actually last two weeks since it will require an oral report and project. Each child may select a country from any continent and research information on the most famous holiday in that country and how the people celebrate that holiday. Your child may find information on the country's traditions of the holiday, customs of the people, places to go to celebrate the special holiday, if the country speaks a different language and if so, what language do the people speak? It would be fun if your child could say a few words to the class in that language.

Please help your child write a report easy enough so they can recite or read comfortably without struggling with words they are unfamiliar with. It would be helpful if they could practice their report at home first.

I would like each child, (you may help if you wish, but please let me know exactly what your child makes- as they earn Mickey Dollars for work that they did) to make a stand up model of a town representative of their country on some type of box lid or cardboard they can hold themselves and show us during their report. Some examples might include covering small boxes with paper to use as buildings, sticks and leaves for trees, small pebbles to use as sidewalks or roads, paper to make smoke coming from chimneys, clay for mountains, or cardboard could be used for lots of things your child may want to build in their miniature village. If their particular country has famous landmarks, they might want to include them. This project may include many items or just a few. Your child's creative ideas will all be correct as long as it is representative of their country on the special holiday they are studying. Please let your child's creative mind be your guide.

I really believe your child will learn so much with this project and it will be fun for all of us, too. Please allow your child to make most of the project themselves with your help. They learn so well by participating.

This report and project will be due Monday, December 17. We will take pictures and really show them off in the hall the week before our break. Please plan to help your child at home with this before the holiday break. This will be awesome!

You have been so helpful, supportive, and enthusiastic this year with all the questions of the week and special items we ask for our units. You are giving your child fond school memories that will last forever.

Thank you so much! Have a happy holiday season!


Shannon McCoy