December, 2001 News

Dear Parents, Nov. 19, 2001

It's almost time for the holidays! We're planning many wonderful activities. Your child will be participating in a "Celebrations Around the World" unit for the month of December. Plans are beginning now, and your help is really needed. We will be studying all of the continents and several countries. Each day we will learn about one country’s celebration, language, and custom. We will have a project for each country (some will be a surprise for you) and a store bought snack. We will also need three or four moms to help us at school the day we study Germany to help make gingerbread houses with the children. If you could volunteer, let me know. For the little houses, we will need lots of sticky white frosting. If you could make some for the class, just let me know. All of this is so much fun, you'll enjoy taking part.

OUR UNIT WILL BEGIN ON NOVEMBER 26! If you could help us by sending any of the following items to school, we would really appreciate it.

If any of you are interested in coming to our classroom to speak or bring items from a particular country, please send a note. We usually do our lesson around 1:35 but anytime you need would be fine.

Thank you so much for your help and continued support. Because of your help, our Pilgrim unit is going so well!


Shannon McCoy


ITEMS NEEDED: (please send in a.s.a.p.)

pipe cleaners (yellow, green, and white)

sequins, rickrack or any decorations for pinatas

small candy in wrappers for pinatas (lots!)

scotch tape

Extra Large wiggly eyes

extra large red pom pons (Hobby Lobby)



Three or four boxes of Graham Crackers

Miniature candy canes M and M's

red hots lifesavers

cinnamon colored sugar (only a few small bags)

miniature marshmallows red or green stick gum

multicolored sprinkles volunteers for white frosting

GERMANY DAY IS FRIDAY, DECEMBER 7. We will need four or five moms from 8:30 am through most of the morning for candy house making.


Sticky frosty recipe: (if you help us on Germany day, please make a batch of sticky frosting- or bring a can or two of vanilla frosting).

1 lb. powdered sugar

1/2 tsp. cream of tartar

2-3 egg whites


Monday, Nov. 26 Canada Twinkies (yule log)

Tuesday, Nov. 27 U.S.A. Peppermints

Wednesday, Nov. 28 Mexico Chocolate

Thursday, Nov. 29 Brazil Chocolate

Friday, Nov. 30 Australia Sugar Cookies

Monday, Dec.3 Sweden Rosettes

Tuesday, Dec.4 Denmark Danish Cookies

Wednesday, Dec.5 England Butter crisp cookies

Thursday, Dec.6 France Fudge

Friday, Dec. 7 Germany

Monday, Dec. 10 Italy French bread and jam

Tuesday, Dec. 11 Russia

Wednesday, Dec. 12 Israel Latkes

Thursday, Dec. 13 Kenya

Monday, Dec. 17 - Question of the Month due

Tuesday, Dec. 18 -Japan Fortune cookies

Wednesday, Dec. 19 - Holiday Party 1:30

Thursday, Dec. 20- Polar Express Day- wear pajamas and bathrobe, bring sleeping bags only

Friday, Dec. 21-- NO SCHOOL TODAY