We have been studying many heroes such as John Glenn, Mae Jemison, Robert Goddard, Galileo, and Shannon Lucid in class. Now itís your turn to choose a real life hero and learn all you can about him/ her.

(Remember that a hero has many of the following traits that we brain stormed in class: perseverance, compassion, wisdom, caring, kind, respectful, self- confidence, unselfishness, hard worker, risk taker, creative, etc.)

First choose your hero- make sure he/she has heroic traits- ask your parents if you are not sure!

Next- write about interesting events and facts that you would like to teach our class about!

Finally- End your report with this statement:_____________ is a true hero because___________________________________________________.

Be sure to bring something for us to look at- maybe a picture, drawing, invention, etc.

Due Friday, March 29th-------Canít wait to see who you chose to learn about!!