Mrs. McCoy’s Friday News

May 17, 2002

Notes from Mrs. McCoy
Monday- bring sleeping bag and stuffed animals
Tuesday- skate day in PE
Wednesday- Sundae party- bring your item and your bubbles and wands!
Notes from our first parent reading meeting:
Do you go to the library once a week?
Does your child have a library card?
Does your child see you reading everyday?
Does your child read for 20 minutes daily?
If you can answer yes to these questions, you ARE supporting your child’s reading skills!!! Thank you!

Today was the last spelling test. Our pattern was ear. Our bonus word was composters.
We read Squirming Wormy Composters. It was about taking care of worms. There is a part where a person had an earth worm in his mouth and on his nose. Worms are boys and girls.

We took our last minus test and our plus test and we did good. We learned how to multiply and we were really good. We did double digit adding and subtracting and we were very awesome. We also took a long math test that covered most of the math we learned this year!
Science and social Studies
We have our own earthworm. We studied the earthworm’s body parts (anatomy). An earthworm eats all the dead animals and plants all over the earth. They make dirt from their castings (waste). Farmers love them because they loosen up the ground when they tunnel so the plants can breathe and get water. They do not like rain because it can flood their tunnels.
Special Events
Getting our worms was special. The Red Cross came yesterday to teach us about water safety. You should wear a life jacket “Don’t just pack it, wear your jacket!”
Today the Jenks Aquarium will visit us. Are there going to be dolphins? We think they will bring fish, and maybe a starfish. Today we are celebrating Kaitlin’s birthday! We brought home some math books so we won’t forget how to do all the different kinds of math over the summer. We will bring home a lot of our projects today!

by: Olivia, Raymond, and Amy

Have a wonderful summer!