Mrs. McCoy’s Friday News

May 10, 2002

Notes from Mrs. McCoy
Can you believe we only have 8 more days of school? Our class has been learning about, studying, and creating communities- be sure to ask us about cities, rural areas, and suburban areas! Next week we will be investigating earthworms! We will be reading Squirmy Wormy Composters, visiting several wormy web sites, and testing an earthworm’s reaction to lightness, darkness, wetness, dryness. etc. Next week we will be finishing up (testing) many of our math skills. Friday, May 17th- please send in a paper sack with handles!! (like the kind from IGA or Braums) We will begin bringing home our supplies and projects.
Friday, May 17th- Water on Wheels- the Jenks Aquarium will be visiting us!
Monday, May 20th- Sleeping bag and stuffed animal day.
Tuesday, May 21st- Skate day in PE.
Wed., May 22nd- Last day of school. Bring bubbles and wands! Look for a note about our Sunday ice cream party this day!

Our bonus word was navigation. Our pattern was or. We wrote our sentences and triangles to practice.
We each made a book about frogs and fables. We read the story to the class and told them what the moral was. You can see our fables hanging in the hallway. Just look for the funny decorative frogs. We read Roxaboxen. It was about some children that made a village out of rocks and boxes. There was a mayor, ice cream parlors, shops, cars, horses, and houses. You could go as fast as you wanted on horse, but if you were caught speeding in your car, you would go to jail (a patch of cactus). They used their imagination to make Roxaboxen. It was a true story. We wrote poems about Roxaboxen. Each of us made a part of the town. We built our section and placed it on the map. The author really got to meet Frances- the girl who made her house -outlined with desert glass.
We practiced triple digit regrouping. Sometimes we had to regroup three times!! We worked in our subtraction and problem solving books. Today we had to solve a math code. Today we will also make a graph about our houses!
Science/Social Studies
Each table made a map-we picked from a city, suburban area, or a rural area. We made the roads, then we put our houses on the map. Next we made skyscrapers, churches, hospitals, banks, police stations, fire stations, power plants, and farms! We made a map of our classroom out of lego’s. Then we hid pennies around the room. We placed pennies on our map so our partner would know where to begin searching. It was really fun. Now we are drawing a map of our classroom! It is challenging!

Special Events
We made our surprises for Mother’s Day. Super Kids’ day was Tuesday! It was a blast. Mrs. McCoy brought her dog Phydeaux for a short visit. We had our last Harwelden class. We had a play-all of us had a part. Some of us were Mozart animals, or a tree. Today we will take home our Art Portfolios.

by Mrs. McCoy’s Second Graders