Mrs. McCoy’s Friday News

May 3, 2002

Notes From Mrs. McCoy
Tuesday is Super Kids Day from 1:00-2:45! Be sure to wear tennis shoes and sunscreen!

Today we had our spelling test. Our bonus word was proboscis- that is a butterfly’s tongue. The pattern was ur.

We are reading fables. Fables are stories that teach morals (lessons). So far we have read Tortoise and the Hare, Boy Who Cried Wolf, The Lion and the Mouse, and Aesop’s Fables! In our spirals, we have wrote the beginning, middle, end of the story and also the moral of the story. Sometimes we read with a partner, with a small group, or by ourselves!! The Fox and the Crow was a good story- the moral was beware of those who flatter and tell lies to please you!

The class took a 100 math fact test. We did addition and subtraction. Everyone did a great job! This was AWESOME! Our class worked on Great Lake Math- we used a graph that showed how deep the 5 lakes are. Then we had to solve triple digit problems with borrowing and carrying. We practiced borrowing in our subtraction books. Our class also worked on problem solving. We solved a problem that had 3 boats, 4 people in a boat and they each caught 3 fish. We made as many problems as we could to answer that question.

Science/Social Studies
Monday, we wrote good bye letters to our butterflies. We released the butterflies in our garden which we also just planted! It has lots of flowers with nectar. We hope they will have a good life cycle. The butterflies laid eggs in our room and they all hatched! We have thousands of babies! Some of our Flat friends came back from Pennsylvania, Louisiana, and Iowa, Missouri, and Vietnam! Each of us made salt dough maps of our state that we picked. We put the state tree, bird, land, water and state flower on the map. We also made a Regions of the USA map. First we made a map key. Then we labeled all the states’ abbreviations, colored them according to the map key, added a compass rose, the oceans. We also drew Canada and Mexico.
Special Events
A Harwelden artist came and taught us about Wolfgang Mozart. He wrote music and when he was six he performed all over Europe. He was born in Austria. He had a sister. Their mother died. We saw a family painting. They had their own cemetery. They wore wigs because they either shaved their heads or didn’t wash their hair very much. We made a music machine and we chose colors that matched with a violin, bassoon, and clarinet. There were 2 different types of clarinets in the performance today. Our Spanish fiesta was muy bien! We ate home made tortillas, plantains and mangoes.

by Mrs. McCoy’s Second Graders!