Mrs. McCoy’s Friday News

April 19, 2002

Notes from Mrs. McCoy
Reminder: Please bring a heavy duty piece of cardboard Monday, April 22! It needs to be cut into a square. The smallest size should be 12” x 12” but you could cut it into a 16” x 16” square. We will dress up for Land Run day in our classroom on Monday as well. Remember to disguise your lunch- in a basket, pail, handkerchief, etc. We will eat outside Monday!
Gates Reading Test- Please make sure your child has had a good night’s rest and a healthy breakfast . We will be taking our tests Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.

Our spelling pattern is ER .We had our spelling sentences and we checked them yesterday.
We learned about caterpillars this month.
Caterpillars have pro legs, tru legs and ,spiracles.They also make chrysalis.

Social Studies
Oklahoma Land Run Day is on Monday. We are learning about Oklahoma history.We have to dress up like a pioneer.We also have to bring lunch. We chose a state to research- we will make a book about that state!

We read lots of books that Tommy de Paola rote like The Art Lesson, Now one foot Now the other,Helga's dowry,Old Befana,and The Night of Las Posadas. We had to fill out a story map (title, characters, problem, event 1,2,3, and the setting) in our spirals.

We measured with erasers, pencils, snap cubes and rulers! We worked on clocks--we know how to tell time, so we have to figure out what time it will be in 2 hours and 45 minutes and problems like that. Did you see our addition test?? We are learning about geometric shapes.

Special Events
The tree carving is going to be an Eagle and an American Flag. They start to carve on Tuesday. Master Gardeners came to teach us about butterflies, skippers, and hummingbirds. We learned how to attract them to our garden. They gave us coffee filters to make butterflies. Youcan see them flying in our classroom.

by Laura and Jackie