Mrs. McCoy’s Friday News

April 12, 2002

Notes from Mrs. McCoy
April 16th- all email addresses for our Flat Stanley email project need to be in. Please tell me the email address, person’s name, and their state--thank you!!
April 19th
- Bring a piece of cardboard that we could assemble a salt dough map onto- should be about 18 inches by 18 inches square.
April 30-Volunteer Luncheon 11:00-1:00 (ceremony will be at 12:30)
April 30- School Supplies order due! Supplies will NOT be sold on Meet the Teacher day next year. Please make your check to JSE PTA.
May 7th -Super Kids’ Day
May 10- All library books due

Our first Reading to Learn parent meeting was a great success. Over 150 parents came! Thank you so much for giving up an evening where you could be anywhere else, but you chose to come to school to learn how to help you children’s reading skills. I’m sending the resource book that you saw that evening to everyone in our class. Please keep the book for 2-3 days- feel free to copy ANY pages you would like- and then bring back to school so we could pass it on to the next family. It has some great ideas that parents can do at home, in the car, bed time, bath time, etc. that will promote literacy. To summarize the evening in a “nutshell”, children who read 20 minutes orally each evening, score in the 90th percentile. The books need to be EASY- on their independent level. If they have to sound out 5 words on the page- it is too hard and is considered at frustration level. I’ll include a more detailed summary of the evening in the next parent letter.

Would you like to see the International Space Station.....
Friday, April 12, 9:20 pm- NNW/NNE - 2 minutes
Saturday, April 13, 9:57 pm- NW/NNW - 2 min.
Sunday, April 14, 8:59 pm- NNW/NE- 4 min.

Our pattern was ar. We are working on writing our addresses for our spelling test. We need to remember to bring our spelling/ handwriting homework back on Mondays!

WE read CHARLIE the Caterpillar. All of the animals said he was ugly and would not play with him. He became a beautiful butterfly and found a friend named Kate. We wrote diamante poems about Charlie that we printed! You will see them in our hallway! Monarch Butterfly is a book we read. It is about butterflies. We worked as a team to see how many words we could find that have to do with butterflies- we used all the letters of the alphabet. We finished Chocolate Fever. It is about a boy who loves chocolate and gets chocolate fever. We put sentences in 1,2,3, order!

We measured our height and width to see if we were a square, tall rectangle, or wide rectangle! It was funny! We have worked on regrouping every day. We took a subtraction test! We made graphs, wrote fact families, and solved problems with money on a test too!

Science/Social Studies
We did some cool stuff in science and Social studies. We got our own caterpillar in a little cage. they got very big. Emily,Raymond, and Stephanie’s caterpillars are hanging in the J shape. We observed them. Their waste is called frass. They shed their skin or molt. They spin their silk to help them climb and make their chrysalis. Each table made a 3-D Stuffed butterfly and they are hanging over our tables.

Special Events
We had a math test. Next week a special visitor is coming to talk to us about butterflies and gardens! There is not school on Monday. We made a model of a caterpillar today. We had to glue its legs and 13 segments to a board. We labeled the head, spiracles, bristles, true legs, pro legs, eyes, and mouth. There is a big cage of caterpillars in our classroom- we fed them dandelion leaves! We think we will have butterflies in a couple weeks!
by: Kelsey and Stephanie