Mrs. McCoy’s Friday News

April 5, 2002

Notes from Mrs. McCoy
Today the class opened up their letters from you! It was a very special moment- wish you all could have seen their faces. Thank you for taking time to do this!
We still need lots (about 15) more email addresses to send our Flat Stanley’s to. Also, if you would be willing to send in some flour and salt for our map project, please do so a.s.a.p. Thank you!

Candy Bar Commercial- Question of the Week due Tuesday, April 16th- (in your child’s take home folder today) Please allow your child to write their commercial in their own words.

Today we had a spelling test. Our pattern is au augh ough. We have to write our address for our bonus word. If we make a mistake this week, we have to keep trying each week!

We have read 8 chapters of Chocolate Fever. It is about a boy named Henry that eats too much chocolate. He gets a new disease called Chocolate Fever. He gets scared and runs away from a hospital! It is exciting. We did a cross word puzzle about Chocolate Fever. We made a pop up card about our favorite part.

We are doing fractions! We had Hershey Bar math- we measured the length, perimeter, and made fractions with our chocolate pieces! Then our math paper turned into a huge candy bar! We have practiced triple digit regrouping, telling time and how many hours have passed! Is everyone practicing subtraction facts? Today we will have M & M math- be sure to ask us what we did!

Science/Social Studies
Today we were surprised with caterpillars! We each have our very own caterpillar to keep at our desk! We finished working in the space shuttle room and worked in lots of centers: robotic arms, being a computer, using astronaut gloves, keeping a robot (car) on a map, and creating a helicopter!

Special Events
Today is Brooke’s birthday. It is also skate day. We opened our letters from our parents today! (everyone had big smiles!) Our caterpillars arrived!

by Melissa and Davis