Mrs. McCoy’s Friday News

March 29, 2002

Thank you so much for coming to our Celebration of Learning. It is truly one of the most meaningful nights of the school year. Your children were amazing! Please send in your letter to them by next Wed.
April Parent Letter- coming next week!
Tues, April 2nd- 6:30 pm in the media center- Reading to Learn for Parents
- come for food, great ideas to help reading skills, and door prizes!
RECYCLING! We have a Big Bin where you can bring your magazines, shopping catalogues, newspaper, office papers, and mail to be recycled----and Southeast will be paid for it! DO NOT place plastic, glass, metals, trash, cardboard, or phone books into the bin!
Skate Day- Thursday, April 4th in PE.
Tree carving- Our class will vote on how to carve the tree on the corner of Yale and 101st.
Tues, April 30- 11:00-1:00 Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon--come let us honor you for all of your hard work!

Our pattern was aw.
We wrote spelling sentences. We took our spelling test today.

In math we did a hard math problem.
We solved a math problem for our conference. We made a fraction out of M & M’s. We worked on carrying and borrowing with triple digit numbers!

We read a book called My Place in Space for a few days. We had to write about all the places we live in space. We wrote a story about space.

We made rockets.
We played with space toys and had to predict how they would work in space. Then we watched a video of real astronauts playing with the same toys in space. It was amazing! Did you know the space shuttle is actually falling around earth? That makes things float!
We went in to the space shuttle room-
group 3 is blasting off today!
There names are Ashley .T.J JB JJ Davis
Amy Erin Kelsey. We also get to work “ in space” next week. Ask us about all the centers we will work on in the shuttle room! (We will use robotic arms, space maps, calculate our weight on planets, and lots more!

By Ashley and Nikolaus