Mrs. McCoy’s Friday News

March 15, 2002

Notes from Mrs. McCoy
April 2- Tuesday night! Please come to our parent informational reading meeting in the media center! It will be a very worthwhile, informative meeting on activities to promote reading skills that families can do at home!

Spring Break- March 18-28

Celebration of Learning- Your child will be sharing their portfolio with your during a student led conference Thursday, March 28th. They will need your individual attention for about 45 minutes. #1-11 come at 5:30 and #12-22 come at 6:15!

April 3- Letters to your child due--see note during Celebration of Learning special

In April we will be sending Flat Friends via email across the country/world. If you have an enthusiastic relative or friend that has access to email and a printer, we would love to have their email address! They will need to print out the friend, take him/her with them for a week or so, and email us all the activities they did together and sites they saw! Please send in their name, email address, relation to you, and what City, State they live. Thank you!!


We had a spelling test today. Our pattern was al and all. We worked in our handbook and had to make words plural.

We read the Magic School Bus Lost in the Solar System for 3 days. In our Literature Journals we wrote about the summary, we looked up vocabulary words, we wrote about the characters and the problem. Thursday we made our own field trip stories- they are hanging in the hall. Today we are working on astronaut stories. You can read them next Thursday night!\
We had a cool activity. We each had to sort M & M’s by color. Then we made a pie graph and wrote the fractions. We played a dice game called Summit- which helped us practice adding and carrying. We practiced telling time! Today, we will work with money!

Monday, we took a pretest to see how much we knew about the space shuttle. We made orbiters with Pringles cans. Each of us is on a team so that we can blast off in the shuttle room after spring break. We read our space simulations to practice. We made our own patches for our uniforms.

Special Events
Kelsey’s dog Frosty and Mrs. McCoy’s dog Phydeaux played together on Kelsey’s show and tell day. Kelsey is our Cool Cat this week. We had our Jog-a-thon yesterday. WE are excited about spring break. Come to our conference Thursday after Spring Break- see Mrs.. McCoy’s notes! WE will show you our portfolios! Sunday is St. Patrick’s Day!
by Kaitlin and Brooke