Mrs. McCoy’s Friday News

February 22, 2002

Notes from Mrs. McCoy
Next week we will begin our Space unit! Friday, March 1st is Martian Mania Day! Our musical is at 9:30 in the cafeteria. Dress like a Martian! We need a couple volunteers to come to school Thursday evening to help us decorate (blow balloons up , hang streamers). Would anyone be interested in bringing moon juice (green drink) or moon cookies? In March there will be a film crew coming to our classroom- we will need some forms signed- More details on Monday!

Our bonus word was Washington Monument. We made a small version out of paper! It is in Washington D.C. We had to find mistakes and correct our spelling sentences. Our patterns were oi and oy.

We read a book called A Picture Book Biography of George Washington. It was about George leading an army. George Washington was famous because he was a good general and he was a good president. One of his step children died from epilepsy. Darlene Bailey Beard (an author) came and taught us to write poems! We wrote our own animal poems and they will be on our class web site soon! We also read a Popcorn story and had to write answers and do activities! Yesterday, we wrote a fiction story about a super hero named Mighty Marshmallow.
We thought of describing words (adjectives) about presidents! It was a fun game!

We used blocks to borrow and subtract. We started at 50 and had to subtract until we got to zero. We played zip around- where you have to ask questions about math. We solved problems to make a picture of a bear on the 600 page of our 1,000 zoo book.

Science/Social Studies
Yesterday our experiment was Mystery Matter. We had to predict if it was a solid or a liquid. We had to observe it, touch it, and make things with it! We found out it was a solid when we touched it fast and hard AND a liquid when we touched it softly and slowly. (It was cornstarch and water). Today we will give our President oral reports! Ask us about the experiment we did this afternoon.......
We made a triangle structure with toothpicks and marshmallows. Triangles make a structure stronger. Triangles can hold a bridge up!

Special Events
One special event was putting a marshmallow on a paper and telling a story about the super hero. It was fun. On our president research we made posters, floats, clay projects, and pictures. On Marshmallow day we read, wrote, drew, did math, and created with marshmallows. We ate a lot too! We had so many marshmallows- we could take some home!
Come see our winter poems that we hung on snowflakes in the front garden!!

By: Mrs. McCoy’s Whole Second Grade Class!!