Mrs. McCoy’s Friday News

February 15, 2002

Notes from Mrs. McCoy
Please keep sending in supplies for our Solar System unit. Question of the Week- President Oral Report is due Friday, February 22!!!! Please make sure your child answers all of the questions in their “speech”. :-)

Our pattern this week was (ea).
Our bonus word was inaugurated- it means when a president becomes the president. We checked our spelling sentences.

We read Just a Few Words Mr. Lincoln.
We worked on are writers work shop and some people finished their stories. We made a short story about if we were the president and told what we would do!

Our 1,000 zoo books are finished! We all met our goal of writing the number 1-1,000!!! We estimated how many candy hearts could fit inside shapes and around shapes. Then we had to find the actual number! Monday, we took a timed test. We had to solve 100 subtraction problems in eight minutes.

Science/Social Studies
We made secret recipe cards which had solids and liquids to be mixed together. We traded recipes, and did each others experiments! We could choose these solids: pennies, steel wool, or baking soda. Liquids: lime juice, salt water, water, and vinegar.

Special Events
We all brought food for the Jenk’s food bank for people who can’t buy their food. The food filled four boxes!! We feel good about giving people food and they don’t have to starve. We bought suckers so that kids could go to Camp Corral. So far we raised over $1500! Yesterday, we exchanged Valentine’s cards. We played Jingo at our party and decorated bags or picture frames. Our class has been in charge of making the soccer schedule announcements each morning. We do not have school on Monday!

By: Erin and Tom