Mrs. McCoy’s Friday News

February 8, 2002

February 11-15- Second grade is having our community service project. We are collecting canned and boxed foods for the Jenks Food Bank!

Feb. 11-15- Sucker Sales! $1.00 each. All proceeds go to send children with cancer to Camp Corral this summer!!

Valentine’s Day- Please bring a box or bag decorated and it needs to have your name on it.

Friday, March 1st- Second grade musical “Interplanetary Jammin” at 9:30 am in the cafeteria!!


For spelling our pattern was ie and ei and eigh. Our bonus word was chromatography. That is when you separate colors!
We read a chapter book called finding the Titanic. It was about men trying to find the Titanic. They had a under water camera called Argo. We also read stories about Penguins and A Snowy Day. We had to answer questions about each story.

For math we worked in our math books we did subtraction. We did our 1000 Zoo books which made a tiger. Penguin Problem solving and Winter Weather were problem solving activities.

We put vinegar in a bag with baking soda. That made carbon dioxide in the bag and it blew up and made a pillow for science.
Ingredients for a volcano eruption:
pop bottle- small
baking soda, food color, glitter, liquid soap, vinegar

We also dissolved alka seltzer in water and vinegar. Both made carbon dioxide.

Today, we are giving Mrs. Sanwick and her family all of our donations. She will be so surprised.

We had an assembly about Honesty. On Monday we will get our ribbons for our Olympic events!!

by: T.J. and Emily