Mrs. McCoy’s Friday News

February 1, 2002

Notes from Mrs. McCoy
Dear Second Graders and parents,
Thank you so much for my wonderful half birthday surprise party! You all are so generous and thoughtful. You truly made me feel special and blessed. I appreciate each one of you! It was wonderful to have you all come to our penguin performances. I know you were as proud of the children as I was. Our next big event to mark our calendars for will be MARTIAN MANIA DAY!! Friday, March 1st. More info will be sent home, but keep the afternoon free for the second grade musical. It is fabulous! Some sad news, Mrs. Sanwick (our media specialist) had a fire at their house this week. The family had already gone to work/school, but everything else was lost. Please read the letter coming home if you are interested in helping out. Sucker Sales will begin soon! The money raised will help send children who have cancer to a summer camp. I hope you all have a wonderful and restful weekend together.
Shannon McCoy

Today our bonus word was Punxsutawney Phil. There are 46 stickers on our ice cream chart! . Boy that was so much fun. Our pattern this week was oo as in stood.

We red Hank the cow dog. Also we read Antarctica. We even read Thunder Cake.
We performed our plays for our parents- we practiced so hard! We read wonderfully.
We used cubes to solve problem and learned how to borrow a ten when we subtract .We played Capture 5 it is fun. You have to make math problems on the 100 board and try to capture pieces of the game! You have to add and subtract.

We finished our Wisconsin weather pictures. Our friends started half of a weather picture and we finished the other half! They are symmetrical. You can see them in our hallway! We learned what chromatography is- it’s when you separate colors. We separated black and green ink. We used filters and water droppers.

Special events
Austin is our cool cat of the week. Today we gave are Olympics folders to Mrs. McCoy. Our plays were yesterday. Stephanie’s birthday is today!

by: Austin and Anthony

P.S. We predicted what Punxsutawney Phil will do tomorrow! We will be tracking the weather for the next 6 weeks to see if he was right or if he was wrong! Ground Hog Day is tomorrow- 2-2-02! Thank you Mrs. Boyd for our special treats!