Mrs. McCoy’s Friday News

January 25, 2002

Notes from Mrs. McCoy
Tonight- BINGO! 7:00-9:00
Tues. Jan. 29- Class Picture Day
Thurs. Jan. 31- Penguin Plays @1:30 on the stage in the cafeteria
Fri. Feb. 1- week 3 of Olympics due

The pattern was the oo sound. We did mystery word and we wrote word sentences.

We practice our penguin play. We read the books Tacky and Antarctica. We read I have a Dream (about Martin Luther King, Jr.).

We did regrouping when you subtract for the very first time (using base 10 blocks). Our problem solving this week was about money and coins. We worked some more on our 1,000 book!

We learned about solids, liquids and gases. We made weather bracelets that show the water cycle and we separated the liquids from the solid using funnels and filters. Ask us the difference between dissolving and evaporation!

Special Events
We made big paper stuffed clouds named Cirrus, Nimbus,Stratus, Cumulus. We had inside recess because it was too cold. We also used to research penguins. We wrote about them, measured them out on paper, and stuffed them. They will be part of our background for our penguin plays.

Last Friday, we made a mixture that turned into a solid- it was ice cream!
Here is the recipe for 23 people:
2 cups heavy cream
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 tsp. vanilla

Place 1/2 cup of the mixture in a ziploc. Place the small bag in a large freezer ziploc which has 2 cups or so of ice. Shake and squeeze- add more ice if needed.

by Amy and Raymond