Mrs. McCoy’s Friday News

January 18, 2002

Notes From Mrs. McCoy:

Math- We have been working on mastering our addition and subtraction facts. Our goal is to have mastered these facts by the end of second grade. A good average goal for addition would be 80% in 6 minutes (on 100 problems). Our subtraction goal will be 80% in 8 minutes (on 100 problems). (Please remember every child is different and these are high goals we will strive to reach.) Every student needs to work on mastering these facts quickly.
Spelling tests/Handwriting- We have completed our handwriting book! All the students know how to correctly form the letters. Please look on the back of your child’s spelling test- I will write words, and or letters that they need to practice in their very best handwriting. These need to be turned in on MONDAY- or the following school day!
Correcting Papers- If a paper says please correct, please have your child work on that area for homework. This will always be something that we have worked on in class previously. Thank you for your support!


Our spelling pattern of the week is ue and ew. We did spelling sentences, triangles and word families this week.
We read The Magic School Bus inside a hurricane. Ms. Frizzle took her class into the water cycle and ended up in a hurricane. We also read Cloudy With a chance of meatballs. We had to invent our own crazy weather and write a story about it. Flash, Crash, Rumble, and Roll took a coupe days to read also. We made thunder clouds with lightning bolts and wrote safety facts.
Problem solving was hard this week! We had two puzzles to solve that used the guess and check strategy. We took a timed subtraction test. We worked on our 1,000 book. Next week we start borrowing with subtraction!
We have several favorite experiments that we did this week: we made a mixture and it turned into ice cream, we made water cycle bags and made it rain in our classroom, we learned about solids, liquids, and gas, and we learned how to make a sieve to separate mixtures. We’ve been busy!!
Special events
Bingo is next Friday! What fun!
Yearbook orders are due.
Class pictures will be Tuesday, January 29th!!!

by: Jonathan J., Jackie, and Olivia

P.S. Mrs. McCoy LOVED reading about all of our kind deeds!