Mrs. McCoy’s Friday News

December 14, 2001

Notes from Mrs. McCoy
Please remember to bring a sack with handles on Monday.
Countries report/project due Monday.
Skate day is Wednesday.
Holiday Party is also Wednesday.
Polar Express Day is Thursday.
No school on Friday. We are busy!

Our class is looking for someone to hamster-sit over the 2 week break. If you would like to have Snowball join your family, please write me a note. (If you have a hungry cat or curious dog- you may want to skip this! :-) )

Special Events-
Our second grade friends in Sheboygan, WI began an elf story which had a problem to solve. They emailed their stories to us, we finished the story and sent them back to Wisconsin! Our finished work is hanging in our hallway.
We emailed our stories for them to finish today.

We wrote letters to the President to help the children in Afghanistan. The letters and the dollars are sealed in our envelopes that we are bringing home today. Please help us mail them tomorrow!
Please come by to see our Walk through the Garden Timeline and poems. They will be hanging in the hallway!

Our pattern this week was long o. Our bonus word is our address and Mediterranean sea. If we missed our address today, we need to write it 3 times for homework this weekend. Yesterday we did Triangles. Today we have are spelling test. We have red,yellow,blue, green groups.

This week we read the story of Grandpa and theSled and a Pog. We also read A Parakeet Named Dreidel . We read about u.s.a, Australia,Denmark,and Sweden.

We took a money test. We took a math test over telling time. We are learning how to regroup.

Social Studies -
This week we visited Kenya, Israel, Russia, and Italy. We decorated calabashes (gourds), made stars of David, decorated “Faberge” eggs, and put quilling on bells!

by: Ashley, Nikolaus, and Melissa