Mrs. McCoy’s Friday News

December 7, 2001

Notes from Mrs. McCoy
Important Dates:
Mon. Dec. 17- Question of the Month due for everyone- be sure to practice!

Mon. Dec. 17- bring a sack with handles to carry our Country projects home.

Wed. Dec. 19- Skate Day in P.E.

Wed. Dec. 19 @ 1:30- Holiday Party

Thurs. Dec. 20- Polar Express Day- bring bathrobe, slippers, sleeping bags, (no pillows or pajamas please)

Fri. Dec. 21- No School (Professional Work Day)

Thank you for sending ALL of the art supplies, special treats, and gingerbread house supplies. The class is learning so much about continents, countries, and their celebrations! Please check out our class web site to see all of the class projects!

Our pattern was long ow. Our bonus word was actually learning how to write our home address. We will be practicing writing our addresses on envelopes so that we can send our one dollar to the White House to help the Afghan children.

We read many versions of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas and created our own poems. We read stories from England, France, and Germany.

Ask us how to carry a ten when adding a two digit number:
+ 7

We used base 10 blocks to learn how to regroup and we just started writing our problems down on paper! Mrs. McCoy says we are doing a great job! We also enjoyed problem solving activies such as Capture 5 and Cookie problem solving.

Social Studies-
Our class packed our bags, grabbed our passports and traveled to Sweden, Denmark, England, France, and Germany this week!

Special Events-
We used the wireless laptops to make a web about animals. Teachers from Hugo, Oklahoma visited our school to see how we use technology. Our school assembly was Thursday. Lots of surprises were bought for our families at the Jingle Bell Store!

(See more pictures at Gingerbread Houses!)