Mrs. McCoy’s Friday News

November 30, 2001

Please bring the book the Night Before Christmas to school on Mon. Dec. 3 if you have it! We will be reading lots of different versions of this poem and then creating our own. Wednesday, Dec. 5. @ 2:00 is our scheduled time to shop at the Jingle Bell store. Friday, Dec. 7 is Germany day- if you are planning to help us, please let me know on Monday- and could you please bring a can of frosting? Thanks! The more help - the better!

Our hard bonus word was continents.
Our pattern is a vowel followed by another vowel is long. All of our words had oa.

We read a story called Pancho's Pinata. It was a Spanish story. We also read a story about celebrations in the U.S.A. We read Michaels book called How To Talk To Your Dog.

We did candy cane math on Thursday. We measured our candy canes with string, snap cubes, wooden cubes and we found out how long it was in inches and centimeters. After we finished we got to eat our candy canes. They were great. With our math partners, we started learning about carrying (regrouping with addition). That means when you have more than nine in the ones place, you have to carry the 10 over to the tens place. We used wooden cubes to learn how to carry. It was fun.

Science/social studies
For four weeks we are studying continents. Every day we do passports-we write the capital, the country, the continent, the flag, and the language. We have done ...
Canada / United states of America/ Mexico/ Brazil and Australia.

Special Events
Wednesday we caught snowflakes on a black piece of paper. They were interesting shapes. We made poinsettias when we learned about Mexico.

by: Kaitlin and Brooke