Mrs. McCoy’s Friday News

November 16, 2001

Today we did Triangles.
Friday we have a spelling test.
We did our spelling words in sentences. Our pattern is o followed by a consonant and sneaky e is long. Our bonus word is Colonial America!

We read a story about a native American name boy. The story was called Tapenum’s day. His tribe had enough corn to last them all winter. We write a lot about Indians and pilgrims. We used a glossary to look up word meanings. Wednesday, we practiced sequencing the events of the story.

We did Quizmo yesterday. It’s like bingo- but we had to solve subtraction problems. We did these subtraction math sheets and we had 9 min. to finish them. Yesterday we used software called The Distance Game. WE have to problem solve and find Bouncer on a grid.

Science/Social Studies
We made pilgrim boys and girls and wrote about what we are thankful for. We typed our sentences and printed them on the printer. Monday, each of us made a commercial about the pilgrim’s jobs. A whitesmith made tin lamps. A blacksmith made nails and also had to pull teeth out because there were no dentists! We learned that 90 braves came to the Pilgrim’s Thanksgiving Feast and they brought deer.

Special Events
Tomorrow is Pilgrim Simulation Day. We need to dress up like pilgrims and we will do activities all morning! Today is skate day. We earned Hershey candy bars for our Sally Foster Gift Wrap sale. Our author was sick so he will visit us after Thanksgiving. WE can still buy his books though. Lots of people need to bring $1.50 tomorrow so we can order our Thanksgiving Feast!

by Michael and Erin