Mrs. McCoy’s Friday News

November 9, 2001

Our bonus word was Native American. The pattern was short o.

The girls read a book called Sarah Morton. The boys read a book called Samuel Eaton. They were about pilgrim children. Sarah had to milk goats, make breakfast, feed chickens and eat dinner standing. Samuel had to serve the meal, make traps for conies (rabbits), and fetch water from the spring. One of our activities was to use the glossary to find out what old words meant. Overgarments means clothes. Pottage means thick stew. Waistcoat means vest. We compared our chores and meals. Thursday, we made and read a book called Barnacle. It was about a cat that lived on the Mayflower. We did a crossword puzzle about the book. That was fun!

We did 100 addition problems in 8 minutes!! We estimated how many kernals of corn were in a bag! Nikolaus was the closest! We had to find 6 ways or more to make 25 cents.

Science/Social Studies
Monday, we used the internet to find out who lived in the pilgrim’s houses. We saw real pictures of Plimoth Plantation. Next we used Community Construction Kit to build a 3-D model of our families house. WE colored, cut , folded and put together the houses. Each table is making a village. Each table is doing a different season! Yesterday we went to our garden, found an object to describe. We used laptops to write adjectives about it. Today we typed cinquain poems about our garden object.

Special Events
We went to an assembly to celebrate Veteran’s Day and courage. The first graders turned off the lights and waved colored flashlights. Mrs. Izen’s husband talked to us- he is a marine! Skate day is Nov. 15!! Next week is our reading contest. We have to record the minutes that we read every day. (The sheet of paper is in our mail today.) Friday, our class needs to dress up like pilgrims- for our Pilgrim Simulation Day.  Our feast is Tuesday, Nov. 20. EVERYONE NEEDS TO BRING $1.50 for our special lunch!!

by: Mrs. McCoy’s Second Graders