Mrs. McCoy’s Friday News

November 2, 2001

Important Dates
Nov. 3-Jenks Foundation Auction
Nov. 5- bring $1.00 for the children of Afghanistan
Nov. 15- Skate Day
Nov. 16- Friday- Pilgrim Simulation Day- dress like a pilgrim!
Nov. 19- Human Body Play 1:45 on the stage in the cafeteria- (we will go to specials at 2:30)
Nov. 20- Thanksgiving Feast- we will eat in our second grade hallway

This week we have learned what it was like to be a passenger on the Mayflower. Next week we land in America and will study about the community of Plymouth. ( Our class will research families, trades, daily life and create a 3-D Pilgrim Village using a program called Community Construction Kit! We plan to spend a couple mornings in our garden working on using descriptive words in a nature poem!

Our pattern this week was long i. Our bonus word is Massachusetts .

We read On the Mayflower for three days. We made a pop up card about the story. We wrote in our pilgrim journals. We pretend the year is 1620 and draw a picture. We also read a story called
Who were the pilgrims? It was about pilgrims reaching land.

We played a game that helped us do fact families.
Everyone needs to practice making fact families at home!
Problem solving we did a lot of problem solving in our math book.

We learned that sailors didnít like the pilgrims. There were 102 people on the Mayflower. It was crowded! People were arguing so they made a Mayflower Compact to help them cooperate. They Mayflower was 90 feet long.

WE have been learning about movement. Yesterday we saw a Harwelden dance. It was about a kidís morning, school day, and night. The dance was funny. We made funny pine cone turkeys.
We all chose Pilgrim names for ourselves.

BY: T.J. and Emily