Mrs. McCoy’s Friday News

October 26, 2001

Everyone who has served as military personnel is invited to our Veteran’s Day assembly on Thursday, Nov. 8 @ 2:20 in the cafeteria! We would like to honor you!

Our pattern was igh. Our bonus word was cephalothorax. A cephalothorax is a head chest of a spider.
We read the book called Spiders by Gail Gibboins. We created spider haikus. Those were so much fun. Our class practiced our human body play -we can’t
wait to do it.
We used pattern blocks to make spiders. Each block was worth money. We counted the money to see how much it was worth. Our class was adding double digits on spider webs. It was fun to practice telling time. Yesterday we had to solve problems about insects and spiders.
In the media center, we used books to learn about some spiders. is a web site that has a lot of information about spiders and anything you want to research. We used laptops to start our
HyperStudio spider stacks.
Special Events
This week we learned how to use the wireless laptops and how to make multimedia projects with HyperStudio.
Everyone got a good Report cards on Thursday. We had Red Ribbon Week. One day we wore crazy socks, silly hats, shirts on backwards and red day. Today we had a special assembly about being drug free. Our class has been in charge of the soccer schedule on announcements. That was an exciting job. OH, by the way , Snowball had babies!!

by Austin and Anthony.

Notes From Mrs. McCoy
Spider pictures, spider facts, spider poems, and spider projects are everywhere in our room! Ask your child an interesting fact they have learned this week. Next week our class will begin their voyage on the “Mayflower”. Please read the attached November Parent letter for all the details!
Next week we plan on finding out if there are really 2 scoops of raisins in a box of Kellogg’s Raisin Bran. We need 2 boxes of that cereal for Friday’s lesson- please let me know if you would like to donate this! Thanks!!