Mrs. McCoy’s Friday News

October 12, 2001

Our pattern was the long i .Our bonus word was responsibility.

We read Christopher Columbus. We made his three ships and put them in a bottle. We read a human body play and practiced our parts!

We solved a hamster problem. The hamster kept having babies and we had to figure out how many hamsters there were and how many cages we would need! It took a long time to solve!

This week we learned about the lungs, heart, the brain and the stomach! Nurse Burke came and explained how the lungs and heart √work together to give our blood oxygen. Did you know a kid has 2 quarts of blood inside?

Special Events
Mrs. Craig bought us a girl dwarf hamster. It’s cute and curious. The whole class gets to name her. We sang the song Responsibility on stage yesterday. Today is PE and we will skate for the first time this year.

Notes From Mrs. McCoy
It has been a joy to have each of you come to our student-led conferences! I look forward to seeing the rest of our “second grade family” next week! Have a wonderful and restful Fall Break (there will be no question of the week next week). Tuesday, October 16 is our field trip to the hospital during the morning. Exciting news!!! The second grade teachers received our grant for new maps and globes- thanks to the Foundation!!

by: Amy, Raymond and Kaitlin