Mrs. McCoy’s Friday News

October 5, 2001

Notes from Mrs. McCoy:
This Thursday, October 11 @ 2:20, the second graders will be in charge of the assembly. We will be singing one song: “Responsibility”. Be sure to ask your child what they have been learning about the human body- especially their skeleton! Our field trip to the hospital will be here before you know it- Oct. 16!! Please cut the bottom 1/3 off of an empty, clean pop bottle and bring both pieces to school a.s.a.p.
Friday, October 12 is skate day in PE!!!
Also, PLEASE email me
if you would like your Friday Newsletters sent to you so we can save copies here at school- thank you!

Our pattern this week was about short i pattern.

We read the Giant book of the Human body. We finished our humorous stories. We read a story called Body Battles. It was about all of the things that help our body like skin, mucus, red blood cells and we learned about the bad guys- virus and bacteria!

We made the digestive system out of yarn! We measured each piece and tied them together. Ask us how many hundreds of feet long it is! You can see them hanging in our hallway.

Science/Social Studies
We are learning about body parts. We are learning about blood and cells. We are learning about large intestine. The small intestine is 20 feet. The heart is a pump that moves blood. We are learning about monarchs too. They are very interesting because they know were they were they are going (migrating).

Please make sure you have read the October newsletter!!!

by: Jackie, Olivia, Brooke, Amy, Raymond