Mrs. McCoy’s Friday News

September 28, 2001

Notes from Mrs. McCoy:
Please read the October Newsletter!
Attached you will also find the expectations that you all wrote on Back to School Night. Please email me at:
if you have an email address I could start sending the Monthly Parent Letters and Friday News to. We are trying diligently to save paper and copies as our copy budget has been cut 40%. Emailing the letters would help so much!

Our pattern is ea .
Our bonus word was allegiance.

This week we worked every day on editing and rewriting/reading our humorous stories. We worked on lead sentences, details, and the closing of our stories. We know what adjectives are! See if you can find them in our stories at conference time! Today we will begin typing them!

We used geoboards. They teach you to do shapes and about lines and corners.
We did math fact took timed tests.
We did problem solving and telling time.

Science/Social Studies
We moved water through humus, sand, clay. We observed seeds growing and
observed our compost bags. We let our worms go in our garden!

Special Events
We planted red, white and, blue flowers. You can see them by the road.
Mr. Carney visited us because he taught us about butterflies.
Did you know that every day we use the Internet to check our email and the Southeast weather station on top of our school?

by: Stephanie, Jonathan, and Laura