Mrs. McCoy’s Friday News

August 31, 2001

We made triangles with our spelling words. Our spelling pattern is a vowel followed by consonant and a sneaky E is long.

We read what happened to Patrick's dinosaurs it was good book. If you are studying abut dinosaurs and you will be a paleontologist like us. We also read Dinosaur Time and learned about meat eaters and plant eaters. We wrote and typed a dino poem.
We did math abut me and coin count we did dinosaur Problem Solving. We practiced making 25 cents as many ways as we could.

Science and social studies
We made dinosaurs out of bones and dinosaurs out of pattern blocks. We worked on our dinosaur research.

Special Events
Cool cat of the week is T.j. We had a birthday party for Michaelís b-day. It was August 13 2001. It was on a Monday .

by Kaitlin and Brooke

We had another great week! The class is working so hard. Please be sure to read the September Parent News Letter- there are a lot of important events happening in September. Please send in the Student Handbook formed signed by parent and student!

It was nice seeing so many of you at Back to School Night on Tuesday. Thanks for all you do!