Mrs. McCoy’s Friday News

August 24, 2001

Spelling- Our pattern is short a. We made triangles with our words. Today we took our very first test. We were nervous but excited!

Reading- We read a story called Wimberly Worried. It was about a mouse that was nervous all the time. We also read Patrick’s Dinosaurs. We had to write about if we were to find a pet dinosaur. Also, everyone wrote an acrostic poem.

Math- We practiced counting money to 35 cents. We had to find as many ways as possible to make 35 cents. We did 100 math problems so we can get better at our math facts. During DOL we practice problem solving, coins, and make number sentences.

Science/Social Studies- We are studying about dinosaurs! That makes us paleontologists. We are going to make fossils today. The brontosaurus is one of the largest dinosaurs. We had to research a dino and then we made a 3-D stuffed dinosaur.

Special Events- Parents need to come by themselves Tuesday, August 28 @ 7:00 pm for Back to School Night. Be sure to see the sentences and people we made. We made Melissa a book because she is first class kid/ cool cat of the week! Next week there will be a book fair with lots of brand new books in the media center.

Every day we check the weather station on top of our school by using the computer!

By: Mrs. McCoy’s Second graders